Sno-Go Ski Bike

The Sno-Go Ski Bike is an exciting blend of skiing and cycling that makes winter sports accessible to anyone.

Winter is the time to enjoy skiing and snowboarding on snow-covered mountains. At least for those who know how and can do it.

This excludes a significant amount of people who might still be craving some winter adventure. This is why Sno-Go Has been developed.

Sno-Go is a mashup of skis and a bicycle. With three skis and two handles at the front, it is much more stable and easier to master than regular skis or snowboards. 

Sno-Go Ski Bike

In fact, the manufacturer claims that if you can ride a bike you can ride Sno-Go. If not, it is still extremely easy to learn how to ride it.

Sno-Go Ski Bike

On it, you can turn, carve, and stop by leaning on the handlebars. Sno-Go can be disassembled and put in the trunk of your car. You can also readily ride the chairlift with Sno-Go in tow.

Finally, you’ll be able to have fun at any ski resort no matter your age, experience, or abilities. 

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