Swiveling Outlet Surge Protectors

Make sense out of your cords and save a whole lot of space with these Swiveling Outlet Surge Protectors.

Keeping your cords organized and flush against the wall, these outlets will change everything, from your interior design to daily routines.

These outlets allow you to do something that has never been done before. We’re talking about positioning your couch flush against the wall with a used outlet in it.

Normally, it would bend the cords and plugs just falling short of creating a real-life hazard, right? 

Swiveling Outlet Surge Protectors

These outlets/surge protectors, however, swivel out of the way and position all the cords parallel to the wall.

In this position, the 6-outlet surge protector takes about 1.5” of space so you can push anything against the wall without any damage.

Swiveling Outlet Surge Protectors

The surge protector can handle up to 2100 joules and features two indicator light that signals its status.

You get 3 outlets on each swiveling side plus 2 USB ports on top for charging your electronic devices.

Swiveling Outlet Surge Protectors

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