The Identified Flying Object

The Identified Flying Object by Jet Capsule is a futuristic two-seater drone designed for the easy and fast transport of passengers by air.

You’d rather expect to see something like that in an article about aliens suddenly deciding to grace us with their presence. Well, no one blames you. This vehicle does look otherworldly.

The Italian company Jet Capsule is indeed known for pushing boundaries when it comes to the development of vehicles of the future.

As much as they’ve shocked us with this UFO floating home, they’ve managed to outdo themselves with this Identified Flying Object (I.F.O. For short). 

I.F.O. Stands at 10 ft (3 meters) tall and can hold two passengers. Getting inside the cockpit is quite easy with the built-in elevator that descends the seats for the passengers to take.

Identified Flying Object

The vehicle’s flight is powered by eight electric engines and multiple batteries. The battery life is expected to last from sixty to seventy minutes.

The best part is, well, for adrenaline junkies at least, is that the vehicle can reach a top speed of 120 mph (190 km/h).

Identified Flying Object

In case of an emergency the I.F.O. Has got you covered. The cockpit holding the passengers is expected to detach from the base holding the engines. It will next release a parachute that will safely bring the capsule to safety. 

Identified Flying Object

The Identified Flying Object is just in the concept stages as of now, but who knows? Maybe, we’ll get to witness actual flying passenger drones sooner than we expect

Identified Flying Object

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