Water Car

The Water Car could possibly be the most universal and fun vehicle on the planet. It looks great, moves quickly in rougher terrain and, as the name suggests, it can drive on water.

By now you have probably seen a lot of amphibious vehicles. The desire to have a machine, which can ride on land and on water is not a new one, and there has been a lot of progress in this field.

But amphibious vehicles tend to have a few problems. They are not the best looking and you don’t want to feel embarrassed while driving.  They are also not too great to drive on land and slow or boring on water. That has changed with The Water Car. 

Water Car

Now, this is an amphibious vehicle you have dreamt about. It looks great, resembling a beach buggy, with a design never going out of style.

You can easily imagine it being the center of attention on the beach or when driving around town. The interior also looks quite funky, comfy and safe.

Water Car

It is all covered in non-corrosive materials, unable to destroy even by salt water. The Water Car is also pretty nifty.

It is powered by a 250 bhp 3.7 liter V6 Honda engine, to provide great speed, torque, and reliability with good fuel efficiency. The Water car is really quick and nimble, easily surpassing 55 mph on a road and reaching 44 mph on water.  

Water Car

To make it ride on water, this car has a mounted fiberglass hull, made of military grade materials – virtually unsinkable.

Combine that with a super strong chassis and hydraulically retracted wheels and you have a great recipe for an amphibious vehicle.

Water Car

The magic touch of the Water Car is completed with a patented transfer case, which quickly and efficiently transfers power from the engine, depending on the surface you’re driving on. 

Water Car

It seems like every single aspect of the Water Car has been cared for with passion and precision. The result is a dream machine, fast on the road, a lot of fun when taken on a light off-roading session and to top it off, quick and extremely entertaining on water.

It is great for the beach, for any type of fun outside, for strolling around the city with swagger or for enjoying lakes, rivers or seas in a new, exciting way.

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