Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System

With the Wetsleeve hands-free hydration system, you can forget about fiddling with bottles during any activity. Whether you workout, cycle, or hike you know you have to stay hydrated.

But in order to do that you have to make breaks to find and open the bottle, you have with you. Carrying a drink around might not even be an option if you to carry as little weight as possible during the activity.

Well, with Wetsleeve you can forego bottles, hydration packs or belts. This hydration system follows a very easy principle – why carry something around if you can wear it.

Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System

Wetsleeve is a water reservoir that you can wear on your forearm. It comes with a smart elastic band you can use to adjust the tightness of a cuff.

Wetsleeve is also insulated and sweat-resistant keeping your beverage cool and fresh all throughout your workout.

Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System

The sleeve comes in three sizes and is outfitted with a 3D mesh lining on the inside to allow your skin breathe during intense activities.

The leak-proof hydration reservoir can store up to 12 oz (350 ml) of water or any other beverage of your choice.

Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System

Just fill it up and put it into Wetsleeve’s handy pocket compartment. When thirst strikes you all you have to do is lift your forearm and take a sip without ever stopping your workout.

 Wetsleeve is also waterproof so you can even wear it throughout your whole surfing session without worrying about ocean water getting to your sports drink. 

Wetsleeve Hands-Free Hydration System

All in all, Wetsleeve is a smart and cool invention that will help you save time and never break pace during your favorite activities.Whether you are driving a motorcycle, training, or fishing you can rest assured that your thirst will be satiated without ever reaching for a bottle.

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