Women’s Leather Oxfords

Add an elegant finishing touch to your classic wardrobe with this pair of Women’s Leather Oxfords. Set in a rich double-tone leather upper, the saddle shoe features the timeless Oxford silhouette.

Combining suede and soft leather on the top, they are a picture of elegance at its finest. The interior is also lined with leather providing as much comfort and quality on the inside as outside.

Featuring the perfect heel height and a gently tapered toe, the design strikes the balance between appeal and functionality. Further, the super lightweight outsole keeps you comfortable all through. 

Women's Leather Oxfords

Thanks to the timeless classic design, this is one pair of shoes that will always be a few steps ahead of the trend.

Women's Leather Oxfords

Its design is perfect both for casual wear and formal business dress, all you need to bring out the best in your wardrobe choice.

Enjoy their classic style and legendary comfort of these nostalgia-filled shoes in the office, on the dance floor and on your weekend outdoors.

Women's Leather Oxfords

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