Wood Fired Hot Tubs


These Wood Fired Hot Tubs use natural heat circulation that comes from burning wood to sustain its temperature.

Such a hot tub allows you to experience the pleasure of a hot tub in a completely new and cool way.

Its design looks amazing, sleek and clean. It is also light (75 kg) which allows you to easily move and when you don’t use it you can cover it with a lid.

Even though it’s so light it still has double walls and the bottom has been ergonomically designed to support you while you’re enjoying the pleasure of the hot water. 

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

It can easily fit in four people, so don’t hesitate to throw a hot tub party for your closest friends. One bag of firewood would sustain water at 38 ┬░C for four hours.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Add some uniqueness to your backyard with this beautiful hot tub and spend relaxing evenings enjoying the comfort of hot water washing over your body. 

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

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