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World’s Largest Arcade

This World’s Largest Arcade machine has been designed with adults in mind, to remind them about simpler and happier times.

It’s purpose is to remind you how thrilled and excited you were playing a game on an arcade machine for the first time, barely reaching the controls while unstably balancing on your tiptoes.

The machine is designed so that the games developed for Wii, Xbox, Playstation and PC are all compatible with it and it already comes with 250 classic arcade games preinstalled. 

The world’s largest arcade machine is more than 14′ tall and is sporting an impressive 80” screen.

The PC that powers this arcade machine includes 3.0GHz processor, 4GB SDRAM, and 1GB video card  and has a Windows operating system.

World’s Largest Arcade

World’s Largest Arcade

World’s Largest Arcade

Check out this monstrosity (size-wise) that has set the record for the largest arcade machine in the world (Guinness World Record 2016). 

World's Largest Arcade

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