Yamaha’s 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

What would make a motorcycle more stable? Apparently, adding an extra wheel to it and Yamaha’s 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle serves as the definitive proof of that.

Yamaha’s newest concept, NIKEN, uses Leaning Multi-Wheeler technology (LMW) to add more stability and agility to your day-to-day motorcycle.

An extra 15” wheel in front of the bike proves to be especially useful when cornering.

In fact, LMW technology allows the rider to lean into the corners like never before, almost touching the asphalt with the soles of his or her shoes.

Yamaha's 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

For tackling any kind of road, NIKEN has also been outfitted with double upside front suspension. The only reason for trembling while riding this motorcycle will be from excitement and not from feeling every bump in the road.

Yamaha's 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

For now, we don’t know much about NEKAN since it is still sitting in the development phase.

One of the things we do know is that it has a liquid-cooled in-line 3-cylinder engine and a YCC-T electronic throttle. Yamaha's 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle

It also looks surprisingly good for a three-wheeled motorcycle and that truly is impressive. Yamaha’s 3-Wheeled NIKEN Motorcycle is scheduled for release in fall 2018.

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