Aipoly Vision APP

The Aipoly Vision APP For The Visually Impaired is an AI-based app that can help blind and visually impaired people navigate through everyday life.

When you point the phone that has the app installed it recognizes the objects and describe them to you out loud. It can recognize hundreds of objects by default.

The best part is, it can actually learn more objects with little help from the user. Additionally, it doesn’t require an internet connection or access to Cloud to function and that’s always a plus. 

The app can also recognize colors on the spot, so it actually works like a real-life digital eyedropper. The color identification option can undoubtedly change the life of not only blind but also colorblind people.

Aipoly Vision APP

Aipoly Vision APP

It’s simply amazing how far the science has come and it’s even more inspiring to witness how much the mind and conviction of a group of brilliant people can completely change the way visually impaired people perceive the world.

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