Bespoke Adventure-Ready Suzuki Battle Van

When you think of the Suzuki Omni, adventure-ready may not be among the words that spring to mind.

But after the complete makeover that this Indian garage carried out on the van, the rugged outcome can handle any quest you throw its way.

After completely stripping it down to the bare necessities, the Holy Shift team gave it a new suspension and rear axle. The latter comes from the Suzuki Samurai, and thus gives the Omni 4×4 capabilities.

However, since the base model was a rear-wheel vehicle, they had to move the differential to the center so as to align the transmission tunnel.

Bespoke Adventure-Ready Suzuki Battle Van

The team also replaced the low-power engine with a four-cylinder one.

Bespoke Adventure-Ready Suzuki Battle Van

To widen the track and add stability to the Omni, they used spacers for both the front and rear tires. They also modified the wheel arches and fitted it with all-terrain tires. Slotted metal panels took the place of the original windows.

Bespoke Adventure-Ready Suzuki Battle Van

An exterior roll cage and matte gray paint finished off the job and turned it into an off-road masterpiece! More Info Here.

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