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Butter Mill Ribbon Dispenser

Make butter fancier and easier to spread with this Butter Mill Ribbon Dispenser. This kitchen gadget can pump out entire 10-foot-long butter ribbons in one go.

Let’s set everything we know about diets aside for a second and admit that butter is delicious.

It makes every kind of food tastier than it had been, starting with toast and ending with jacket potatoes.

This gadget can store an entire stick of butter. By twisting that dispenser directly over food you’ll get a paper-thin ribbon of butter. It then melts almost instantly making your meal more delicious than before. 

The best part is that it works straight out of a refrigerator. So there’ll be no broken toast with chunks of unspread frozen butter here and there. 

Butter Mill Ribbon Dispenser

Butter Mill Ribbon Dispenser

Just beautiful ribbons of heavenly butteriness on your steak, toast, potatoes, pancakes, and anything else you cook up.

Butter Mill Ribbon Dispenser

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