Cabana Islander Inflatable 6 Person Lounge

This Cabana Islander Inflatable 6 Person Lounge is a must-have inflatable float for people who want to relax and chat while enjoying the sway of water.

Having a patio is all great and fun, but when you have a pool or a lake nearby why not take advantage of that? This floating lounge provides enough space for your friends and family and provides a cool and luxurious alternative to seating on the shore.

This Cabana Islander has room for 6 people, who can sit back, relax and enjoy the sparkling water surrounding them. 

It’s made out of strong and durable heavy-gauge PVC so it will keep you afloat and secure if you’re not much of a swimmer. The nylon cabana can shelter you from the sun and the wind while you sip your drinks exchanging fresh gossip.

Cabana Islander Inflatable 6 Person Lounge

Speaking of drinks. This inflatable group float includes a 16 QT cooler for keeping the refreshments nearby. There goes the problem of who would have to swim to the shore for another batch of beers or juice. No more brutal rock-paper-scissors for you.

Cabana Islander Inflatable 6 Person Lounge

This Cabana lounge also has a hole in the middle if you want to easily escape a conversation or just want to rest your feet in the refreshing water. The included boarding platform also allows you to comfortably enter the lounge at any club. 

As soon as you’ve got the time, take this baby to the lake house, inflate it, anchor it, and enjoy feeling like royalty, floating on water, sipping margaritas. 

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