Cobba Shorts

These Cobba Shorts combine countless features into one simple design that can perfectly match your active lifestyle. Going through summer in heavy jeans or pants is torture. But it’s not often that you can find good-looking functional shorts to serve as an alternative. Well, here they are.

These are the best shorts you can find for multiple reasons. It has lots of pockets that do not stand out as prominently as they would on cargo shorts.

They’re actually very tastefully hidden from view. The shorts are also equipped with an AptGrip waistband which prevents you from showing off your plumber’s crack. 

Cobba shorts

The fabric the shorts are made out of is liquid and stain resistant. It also gives you a full range of motion and doesn’t constrain your movements.

Cobba shorts

Speaking of fabric. If you hate doing laundry, we’ve got great news for you. The fabric is infused with silver that naturally eliminates bacteria.

Cobba shorts

That means the shorts are odorless and require much less washing than ordinary ones, Let your legs breathe in the summer while enjoying every single benefit of these shorts. 

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Cobba Shorts


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