Continental BEE Driverless Car

It is estimated that by 2050 over two-thirds of the population will live in urban areas. Among other things, we will have to deal with even more traffic than today.

Or we can hope that a Continental BEE Driverless Car will come to the rescue.

The BEE (“Balanced Economy and Ecology mobility concept”) vehicle was developed by Continental with only one thing in mind – mobility.

Whenever you need a lift somewhere, you will be able to order a BEE just like you would now with an Uber. But the BEE will be able to adapt to your needs.

Continental BEE Driverless Car

For example, it can lower its base to help the disabled or elderly persons board it in comfort.

BEE might be small but that is the point. It can transport two people at once but its true compactness becomes apparent on the road.

In one lane, four BEEs can huddle together to take up just as much space as a typical SUV would. Guess which option transports more people at once?

Continental BEE Driverless Car

Continental’s vehicle of the future would be able to develop max speed of 60 km/h with a daily range of over 350 kilometers.

Other interesting features of this vehicle include autonomous driving, turning the windows of the car into interactive screens, and the individual wheel turns. 

Continental BEE Driverless Car

In overcrowded cities with not enough parking space, these BEEs would be more than welcome. Especially if made affordable and easy to reach at any time of day and night.

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