Arca Board

The newest addition to the real-life hoverboard family is a large 36-fan-powered Arca Board.

The trend for producing various iterations of hoverboards has begun in late 2015. The Back To The Future fans will remember that October 21st, 2015 was the day Marty and Doc popped into the future and discovered, among other things, hoverboards.

Here we are, over 2 years later with yet another hoverboard.

This particular model has been designed by an American aerospace company called Arca Space. Usually focusing on building rockets, they’ve decided to get a bit closer to the ground. 

Arca Board

Arca Board utilizes 36 powerful fans to hover above any surface. Even water, which already makes it more advanced than its fictional Back To The Future 2  counterpart.

Arca Board

Each fan is individually powered by batteries and their combined thrust gives the hoverboard an impressive 272 horsepower.

The charging, as with most electric vehicles, can take some time. More specifically, the Arca Board will need around 6 hours to get its juices running again. 

Arca Board

But Arca Dock, a charging accessory that you can get with the board, can shorten that time to only 60 minutes. First and foremost, hoverboards should be fun. Arca Board definitely delivers on that end.

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