Copia Luxury Eco Cabins

Copia Luxury eco cabins are a luxury getaway for anyone who loves the natural appeal of the outdoors.

The cabins are a marvel of container recycling and they operate completely off the grid.

They get electric power from solar panels and feature a modern kitchen and bathroom.

The cabins also have a fireplace to ensure you stay warm during cold winter months. And the bathtub is wood fired, adding to the convenience.  

Copia Luxury Eco Cabins

They are located in South Africa in the outskirts of the Botriver town. They have an amazing view of the Bot River Valley.

Copia Luxury Eco Cabins

Guests can enjoy a variety of activities in the hilly area from zip lining and hiking to fly fishing and whale watching. 

Copia Luxury Eco Cabins

The interior has an open living plan that makes it seem spacious and inviting. The minimalist furniture and fittings add to this effect and turn it into a tranquil getaway. 

Enjoy scenic views of the vast open landscapes day or night from the covered terrace a glass of wine in hand.

Copia Luxury Eco Cabins

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