Cucamelons: Mini Watermelon Cucumbers

Cucamelons: Mini Watermelon Cucumbers are tiny grape-sized fruits that originally come from Mexico and Central America.

Now, they are the “it” fruit in the gardening community due to their interesting look and peculiar taste.

Cucamelons look like small watermelons but actually taste like cucumbers, often with a tinge of lime mixed in the taste.

If you want to spruce up your boring-looking salad or want to liven up the party with interesting healthy snacks, the cucamelons are perfect for that. 

You can also experiment with mixing them into your favorite drink, like gin and tonic or mojito. 

Cucamelons: Mini Watermelon Cucumbers

It’s relatively easy to grow cucamelons. Moreover, the cultivating process is made easier by the fact that cucamelons are drought- and pest-resistant in comparison to traditional cucumbers.

Cucamelons: Mini Watermelon Cucumbers

Cucamelons can be a perfect gift for both beginning and experienced gardeners who want to diversify their garden with something more fun and, let’s be honest, cute! 

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