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Cyber Gladiator Armor

Whether you are looking for the perfect cosplay outfit or simply to relive your favorite fantasy, your search ends here! The Cyber Gladiator armor is everything you need and so much more.

It comes in aluminum, ensuring a lightweight yet compact build that will stand the test of time.

The armor comprises distinct panels for the arms and shoulders. The design ensures that you get the protection you need without any hindrance to movement.

It also has an adjustable strap that goes across the chest to secure the pieces and hold the battery pack and switch. Black latex tubing connects the pieces seamlessly while allowing for flexibility.

Cyber Gladiator Armor

Each piece has a black fabric lining to ensure comfort. They come with a variety of lighting options. For the maximum brightness, go for blue or white.

Cyber Gladiator Armor

But if you wish for a more subtle effect, purple or red will be more to your liking. Complete your cosplay outfit in style with this creative armor design. 

Cyber Gladiator Armor

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