Ever Tires Flat-Free Bike Tires

These Ever Tires Flat-Free Bike Tires are unique bike tires made out of special polymer blend that will spare you the trouble of worrying about getting a flat tire.

Riding a bike is an enjoyable way to get from one point to another. Fresh wind, feeling of freedom and content and then…your tire goes flat. Not so enjoyable anymore. These unique bike tires aim to tackle this problem once and for all.

The secret of these tires is pretty simple. No air in the tires means no chance of it going flat. Even so, the Ever Tires are capable of covering the distance of 5,000 miles before they need to be replaced. 

Ever Tires Flat-Free Bike Tires

So if you’re planning on going from San Francisco to Washington DC and back on your bike, remember to change your tires afterward.

Ever Tires Flat-Free Bike Tires

These tires are easy to install and improve the recycling process after being used.

The best part for the consumers is that they save you money on tire replacements. Plus, they look extremely cool and unique. Even that is enough to give them a go. 

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