Exposed Muscle Workout Leggings

These Exposed Muscle Workout Leggings give people a glimpse of what muscle tissue your legs consist of and it looks absolutely awesome.

They say you should really open up to people, show them your inner self. Okay, do that just not in the way they want you to by showing them your muscles.

These leggings look extremely cool and would be a great gift for a doctor, medical student or just someone who loves shocking people. 

Made from high-quality four-way stretchy Italian Lycra, these leggings make you look and feel comfortable and gorgeous. Use them for your workouts or just simply wear them outside, enjoy the attention either way.

I wonder if they’d count as a cheat-sheet if you were a medical student and wore them for the anatomy exam? Anybody up for checking that theory?

Exposed Muscle Workout Leggings

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