Fidgi Pen

This Fidgi Pen combines seven tools in one and allows you to fidget with it in a discreet way. Fidget tools become more and more popular nowadays even though they have been around for quite some time.

Maybe you remember them as tiny skateboards or paper toys that looked like Pacman. The point is that according to research, fidgeting is completely natural when you’re experiencing boredom or anxiety.

Although most fidgeting tools serve only one sole purpose aka allowing you to play around and fidget to your heart’s content, this one is a bit different. Why? Because this fidget tool is disguised as a pen. 

Fidgi Pen

Yes, we’ve all fidgeted with our pens at some point whether it was at school or in the office. It also usually resulted in you being screamed at or thrown out of the classroom for constantly clicking it.

Fidgi Pen

Or you could get your lip stuck in its clip. Or you got a full mouth of ink. Well, this pen gives you much more variety when it comes to fidgeting techniques.

Fidgi Pen

The Fidgi Pen comes with a spinning disk, rolling ball, smooth dip for rubbing, click switch that reminds you of a seesaw or a pad, and a textured grip. 

Fidgi Pen

See, in one pen you get a lot more things to keep your hands busy and your mind on the right track.

fidgi pen

The fact that these pens come in different beautiful colors is only an added bonus. The rose gold fidgi pen is an exceptional beauty, don’t you agree?

Fidgi Pen

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