Flippin’ Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker

The Flippin’ Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker will let you make perfect pancakes every time, with very little effort.

Who doesn’t like pancakes? They are delicious and perfect for any time of day. Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner or dessert, pancakes just always work great. The only problem is, that making pancakes is not that easy.

The batter spills everywhere, the pancakes break and you end up with a sad flop. But that is about to change with this awesome pancake form. The form is made of non-stick silicone rings that will keep your pancakes in shape.  


Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker

Just pour the batter in and when ready, flip the whole form. You will always end up with perfect, round pancakes and no mess in your kitchen.

Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker

This form will also work with stuff like eggs, omelets or hash browns. Basically, whatever you want nicely fired and round, you can apply the form and your wish will be granted.

Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker

So forget about the struggle of making pancakes. This fantastic pancake form will do almost all the work for you and leave you enjoying your favorite snack. 

The only thing you need to watch out for is the pancakes burning, but for that, you hopefully have the sense of smell 

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Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake maker


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