Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger

Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger is a genius hanger that will definitely get you excited about something so trivial as towel hangers.

Towel hangers are a necessity, there’s no arguing there. But they can be too bulky and wide to fit on narrow walls near your shower or bathtub. Ruggy solves that problem with flying colors.

This hanger is only 1.5” wide. The tiny size allows you to put them virtually anywhere: bathroom, closets, kitchen and so on. 

The installation process requires you to only take the protective layer off the double-sided tape and stick it to the surface of your choice. 

Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger

How does it work, you ask? Inside this hanger is a small marble ball that does all the job of keeping your towels or scarves upright. When you slide the fabric inside the hanger the marble ball wedges the material against and the hanger.

Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger

That’s what leaves the towel hanging. You can just as easily take the towel off the hanger by simply holding it up and sliding it out.

Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger

This hanger is practical, minimalist and compact. It allows you to finally get rid of bulky towel hangers that would be drying your towels for twice as much time as Ruggy would.  

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Ruggy: The Scientifically Balanced Hanger


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