Floating Backpack

This Floating Backpack moves independently from your body in one place. Aimed to reduce impact forces by 80-90%, it certainly makes us doubt reality for a second there.

You know how some video games tend to have weird bugs and texture fails. Well, this backpack looks like something straight out of such game.

It floats. More specifically, it slides along double rails on a wearer’s back counteracting his or her movement.

This is supposed to give you more comfort during physical activities such as hiking, climbing, or running.  


Reduced joints strain and exertion levels do sound appealing. Having a backpack that feels lighter than it does sounds even better.

Floating Backpack

Plus, you get the benefit of simply hypnotizing your hiking buddies and passersby with your backpack (this is a sentence we never thought we would write).

The Floating backpack is set to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign somewhere in october 2018.

Floating Backpack

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