EzyBoat Folding Boat

This Folding Boat transforms into an 8-feet trailer ready to be towed to water and taken for a spin.

Boats might be a joy to ride, but transporting them to water is another kind of ride.

To make the transportation aspect of boating easier and more efficient, folks from EzyBoats came up with this craft.

When unfolded, these unique boats count 14 feet in length. It comes with an additional sail kit you can install to make a sailboat out of it. It also has space for mounting a 20 HP motor that will propel it at around 12-14 mph. 

Folding Boat

As a trailer, this boat is small and unobtrusive. At only 8 feet long, the trailer is easy to tow thanks to integrated retracting wheels. Simply attach it to your car and be on your way.

Folding Boat

Less stress on the road and more freedom of mind to enjoy the weekend spent boating. Sounds a-boat right. 

Folding Boat

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