10 Incredibly Cool Boats You Have Got To See!

The watercraft industry is full of remarkable innovations in the shape of cool boats that are full of luxury, class and relaxation galore. These unique boats are designed to impress by taking into consideration the simple details that set obstacles in your way to pure boating fun. They convert these into opportunities to amaze and do a damn good job of it.

Modern-day cool boats are full of technological advancements and gadgets that make it so much safer and more enjoyable to spend your time out at sea. They are customized to allow you to have a tailor-made excursion made of pure fantasy.

Coolest Boats You Need To See:

While these awesome boats might at times seem a bit frivolous, they place you on a whole new level when it comes to having a blast on the water body of choice. Consider the distinctive benefits that mark some of the most impressive options designed to help you get the most out of life and make your pick from this dream list.

#1 Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat 

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

The Nauti-craft is a true work of nautical art, bringing in the remarkable features of off-road vehicles right into the sea to eliminate all of the common problems faced by sea-farers.

The design incorporates top-tier technological advancements that are geared towards ensuring safety, stability and unmatched comfort. What makes these cool boats capable of achieving such feats?

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

The first innovative feature is an advanced hydraulic system that deals sea sickness a major blow. This system separated the boat’s hulls from the deck and makes it possible for the lower portion to absorb all the movement resulting from the curbs and bumps of sea waves. This means that even in the roughest of sea conditions, riding on this marvel is like riding on a 4×4 in rough terrain.

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

You won’t even notice how rough it is unless you actually see the turbulence because the shock-absorption feature makes the hull react to the impact without transferring the effect to the deck. This feature also makes it possible for the boat to travel at high speeds while ensuring your safety and comfort. Powered by a 300-horsepower engine, this cool craft can go up to speeds of 30 knots.

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

The second outstanding feature is the Deck Attitude Control System (DACS). It makes it possible for the deck to remain completely stable and flat even when taking sharp turns at high speed. Its relatively high dynamic stability makes it the best placed vessel to perform crew transfers to wind turbines on the sea without any risk whatsoever.

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

These awesome boats were initially created for commercial purposes, but very soon we are expecting them to introduce this ingenious innovation to recreational craft as well.

This will finally make it possible to enjoy a surreal marine adventure without the embarrassment and inconvenience of getting sick. Get a piece of the action and enjoy the remarkable feats it brings to reality.

#2 Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat 

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

Getting the opportunity to ride in a submarine sounds like a page out of a great thriller. But this is now part of real life, brought about by the hybrid construction dubbed the Hyper-Sub Speedboat.

These cool speed boats combine most of the features of a regular speedboat with the outstanding capabilities of a submarine to open up an entire world of opportunity that has not been possible till now.

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

This is one of the coolest boats known to man and built for heightened performance, featuring twin engines, each capable of producing 480-horsepower.

It can travel at speeds as high as 26 knots and operates with great ease below sea surface regardless of pressure levels or any other prevailing conditions.

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

Its build makes buoyancy a top priority incorporating about 30,000lbs of lift, meant to enable cargo storage and transportation as well as remarkable safety and stability while you are out at sea.

It is separated into two main parts, the dry chamber that is the passenger area and the sea frame that does all the hard work to keep the machine functioning. It is capable of resurfacing as many times as necessary to stock up on air and unlike most submarines, it can be parked in as little as two feet of water.

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

It is capable of avoiding detection while underwater and can be deployed from any launch area with ease. Underwater, it moves at about six miles per hour using electrically powered thrusts for propulsion. In case of an emergency, it can sustain passengers for up to 12 hours.

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat

This speed boat-submarine hybrid makes it possible to enjoy the vastly unexplored terrain under the sea without any compromise to safety. Live the dream by taking a ride on the Hyper-Sub Speedboat today. 

#3 Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

In the history of unique boats, nothing comes close to the Kormaran K7 thanks to its transformer capabilities.

It is the one boat capable of changing form and function while in motion to suit your precise needs and fulfill your wildest desire. It seems like a legendary creation until you get to see it in action.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

The secret behind its transformative capacity is the innovative engineering behind its design that allows the craft to alter the gap between the two hulls and to adjust the passenger cabin height.

This makes it possible for the amazing vessel to operate as a single hull craft while offering the stability of a catamaran or even trimaran.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

One crazy transformation that will certainly be hard to beat for quite a while to come is its conversion into an island-like structure that allows for lazy sunbathing with more ease and comfort than you can imagine.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

The technology behind this marvel is a combination of aviation, formula 1 and America’s cup to ensure the ultimate performance levels. The different configurations offer capabilities of up to 900-horsepower with maximum powerboat speeds of 50 knots and hydrofoil speeds of 40 knots.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

The K7 comes in as many different shades and finishes as there are different tastes in the world. There is simply no limit to the extent to which this craft can be adapted to your personal dream in every sense of the world.

It is the first watercraft of its kind to incorporate such a level of convenience while maintaining the highest possible automotive standards known to the engineering world.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

Get a piece of the pie by booking one of these limited edition cool boats today and enjoy the statement they make on limitless possibilities and the enhanced performance on a personalized platform.

#4 Jet Capsule 

Jet Capsule

It is extremely hard to find any luxury vessel on land or sea that allows you to fit in the entire family and a few friends for a memorable excursion.

The Jet Capsule does exactly that at an amazing bargain and allows you to get a custom design to suit your personal needs.

These amazing cool small boats are ideal for all weather conditions as they feature an air conditioning and central heating system that makes the outdoors fun and comfortable any time of year.

Jet Capsule

They feature large panoramic windows that allow for a great view of the marine landscape, a perfectly designed roof-top that can be converted into a sun-deck, cameras under the hull that make it possible to enjoy a front-row seat of the marvels down below and a toilette room to make the ride as cozy as it can possibly be.

Jet Capsule

The speed capabilities range between 25 and 38 knots powered by a 370-horsepower engine. Its fuel consumption is quite economical taking up between 25 and 30lt per hour at full capacity.

Given that the vessel can seat up to 12 passengers and the driver, it makes a most viable ocean taxi as well as a pocket-friendly recreational watercraft.

Jet Capsule

The body is made up of carbon fiber making it extremely elegant and stylish while at the same time keeping the weight to a minimum. It almost seems like a space ship and if you take a ride in it at night, the lights make the whole experience seem surreal.

Jet Capsule

Given that it comes fitted with Bose audio, it is the most sophisticated choice for entertainment on the go. If you are in search of the ultimate getaway craft then this is definitely the one for you!

#5 Luxury Amphibious Boats 

Luxury Amphibious Boats

Owning a yacht is not always plain sailing as at the end of a fun expedition you have to drag it out of the sea, hook it up correctly to a truck and drive it through traffic all the way home.

The Iguana luxury amphibious cool boats bring an end to this hassle once for all time by incorporating tanker tracks for easy manoeuvring on tricky sandy beaches as well as on any other surface.

Luxury Amphibious Boats

While many innovative boat designs have tried the use of wheels to try and address this issue, you might agree that dragging a boat through mud or sand is definitely not a walk in the park.

Additionally, the design of this awesome boat eliminates the need for docking and fenders and when you wish to embark on your sailing adventure, the tanker gear takes precisely eight seconds to retract and set you afloat.

Luxury Amphibious Boats

This gear closely resembles caterpillar treads that are ordinarily tucked into the hull and the feature comes in particularly handy in areas where the tides have extreme trends that might easily get you stuck in the sand for hours on end.

What makes the treads convenient for sandy or muddy terrain is that they exert very little pressure on the delicate surface and therefore do not dig in and create an unnecessary mess.

Luxury Amphibious Boats

It is an ideal mode of transport between solid land and water locked zones and it can carry up to 10 passengers comfortably. While on land it only gets up to about 4mph, on sea it moves at an amazing 40 knots.

Luxury Amphibious Boats

The interior is elegantly done with a leather finish that gives it an instant facelift and makes it ideal for a small sea party with close friends. Get on the Iguana Luxury boat today and have a first-class experience of the ultimate comfort and a rewarding experience on a dream watercraft. 

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#6 Electric HyDrofoil Boat 

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

It is extremely difficult to place luxury and ecological soundness in one sentence unless you are talking about the Electric Hydrofoil boats referred to as the Quadrofoil.

These personal cool boats make it possible to enjoy an exhilarating ride on the waves powered by an electric motor board and a battery.

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

When fully charged, this remarkable vessel can keep going for up to 62 miles as a result of the highly efficient quadruple hydrofoil system.

The four hydrofoils give the craft an exciting lift up out of the water to create a flying sensation and as they do this, resistance is minimized as is the power consumption.

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

It is made out of the lightest materials and the total weight is only 220lbs which can be easily manoeuvred by a single driver.

The design has been said to be unsinkable, a possibility resulting from a pocket of air that is trapped between the two composite parts of its hull.

The hydrofoil also makes it very stable as the roll center is about 8m above the water surface meaning that even when taking sharp turns, the craft is highly unlikely to tilt or tip over.

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

It is equipped with an LCD touch panel that keeps the driver up to speed on relevant information like battery level, speed and the rate of consumption. And even on the off chance that you do run out of charge, these cool boats come with life jackets, a paddle and an emergency whistle to call for assistance.

Electric HyDrofoil Boat

The maximum speed is about 20 mph and by virtue of its electrical set-up, it has very little need for maintenance. This and its low consumption make the Hydrofoil boats one of the most economical luxury watercraft ever. Enjoy the thrilling ride of a lifetime aboard this ingenious revolution with the love of your life.

#7 The Zebra Electric Wooden Boat 

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The Electric Zebra seeks to transform the luxury boating industry by taking care to address two common concerns that many enthusiasts have come to accept with resignation.

It offers silence and style, two of the features that are completely lacking in almost all boat designs around the world. How is this possible?

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

As the name suggests, the Zebra utilizes a very appealing stripe pattern that makes it an instant eye magnet for anyone who has an eye for elegance. It also employs the ideal blend of colors, a demure brown and cheerful orange to create the ultimate contrast and engage every beholder.

The geometric panels on the surface find a cohesive pattern on the inside with the orange padding featuring a similar striped theme that makes it one continuous artistic piece.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

It features an OLED touchscreen perfectly positioned to assist the captain with navigation or even entertainment whichever one is preferred.

The most outstanding aspect to this innovation is the electric powering system that is a great diversion from the watercraft norm of wind power, gasoline or diesel.

Apart from being a most silent choice creating the ideal tranquil surroundings any sea farer would only dream of, it is also the most ecologically friendly option leaving no carbon footprint.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

These cool boats can hold up to eight people, the driver and one passenger upfront and the rest in the spacious rear cabin.

All modernists will appreciate the time-honored aspect of the Zebra’s classic design and the innovation that has gone into making it one of the most outstanding luxury crafts of all time.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The visual integrity is second to none and if you have been waiting for the ultimate blend of elegance and power then this is definitely the one for you.

#8 SeaBubbles – The Flying Hydrogen Boat


With the increasingly sophisticated world of transportation, everything that was initially impossible is now possible. One example of technological progress is the creation of a flying hydrogen boat, the SeaBubbles. An incredible cool boat that you will surely captivate you!


You might not believe that this cool boat can fly over the water without making the water ripple. Highlighting a motto, “Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission,” this boat does not even make a noise like other boats in general. Therefore, it is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the advanced foil-stabilization system, it provides a smooth ride of the boat so that driving safety is guaranteed. The foil is profiled so as not to form a lot of water ripples to not damage the river shore, which often occurs when ships are cruising at high speed over them. 


Moreover, the boat is supported by the H2 tank, which supplies energy to operate the vehicle for 2 hours 30 minutes. SeaBubbles uses hydrogen fuel in terms of electricity as it covers all the necessary characteristics required by cutting-edge technology.

This highly-developed French boat is designed with three wheels-like legs to propel the vehicle and help it take off. The design is made similar to a car, only it is more elongated with wide windows on the side of the boat’s body.

Additionally, SeaBubbles has a capacity of eight people with one person steering and seven passengers, making it the perfect vehicle to accommodate your whole family. It’s sporadic that a futuristic vehicle can carry so many people at one time like this SeaBubbles.

#9 Sea Breacher X


Diving looks extremely scary to some people, especially those who can’t swim. Not to mention that this activity must also be accompanied by sufficient diving experience, as proven by a certificate stating that you are capable of diving.

But now, there is a breakthrough mode of transportation that allows you to explore the water quickly and safely. It is a modern submersible watercraft, known as Sea Breacher X, which will take you diving in an advanced way.

Sea Breacher X has gone through various engine feasibility tests to ensure the safety of its passengers while driving. This boat can dive up to 5-6 feet below the water’s surface. Although it can only dive briefly, this boat offers new experiences for those who have never experienced diving under the sea. Moreover, it also features acrylic windows to allow the passengers to have an underwater sightseeing view.

Furthermore, this boat has advanced controls that other conventional watercraft don’t have. It is equipped with three full-axis control that allows the pilot to carve left and right, jump over, and dive underwater. 

Even more remarkable, the latest model released by Sea Bracher can do 360-degree barrel rolls on the water’s surface. Very cool, isn’t it? Also, the Sea Bracher X is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 230 horsepower and a 52-gallon fuel capacity to operate the entire system.

In addition to the watercraft’s features, the capacity of the SeaBreacher consists of one pilot and one passenger. This has undoubtedly been carefully examined by engineers because with such a capacity, it will make it easier for pilots to perform various maneuvers above and below the water surface.

If you are interested in buying them, the units of Sea Bracher X boats have been sold with a custom-only system. You can choose what type of watercraft your target is. The company has three different models, all of which uniqueness and advantages.

#10 Vanquish 16 (VQ16)

Vanquish vq16 Ibiza June 2017 racing

Yachts are indeed known as luxury ships because they display a modern design like this VQ16 yacht. This sport-type yacht is meticulously constructed with next-generation technology that allows it to be used on water sports seamlessly and comfortably.

Vanquish VQ16 Sports Line

The interior and sharp body of the ship is well-designed by a naval architect who certainly carefully looks at all aspects, from function and aesthetics. All parts of the VQ16 are surprisingly hand-made and made in exact details. Now, speaking about the engine, it can speed up to more than 50+ knots, thanks to the 200 to 350 hp battery.

What’s more about the features is its convenience to carry everywhere. Don’t worry if you own this fantastic yacht and consider taking it somewhere with you. Thanks to its convenient construction, this yacht is equipped with wheels that you can tow with your car. Therefore, it is easier for you to use it with your family and close friends on vacation by the sea.

To buy this Vanquish jet ski you need almost $100.000

Moreover, despite having a mini size, this yacht can accommodate up to 5 adult passengers, with two people sitting next to the steering wheel and two people in the front. With such a seating design, the driver can control the yacht conveniently. At the same time, the passengers can enjoy the surrounding scenery from a broad point of view.

vanquish vq16 exterior details shits

Since the yacht is known as a cutting-edge vehicle, comfort is one of the crucial points that the designers and technicians of this boat must pay close attention to. This is evidenced by the ergonomic design of the seats equipped with cushions to be more comfortable for passengers to use. 

Moreover, this incredibly cool boat made by the Dutch company has already been sold commercially and rented out in several European and American countries. Interested?

What is the coolest-looking boat ever in the world?

Based on the advanced technology perspective, some outstanding-designed boats such as the Kormaran K7, SeaBubbles, and Jet Capsule are included on the list of the most incredible ships ever in the world. Although the size of their boat is relatively small, the technology they bring allows them to fly and sail at a speed equivalent to formula 1.

Whether you want to enjoy a voyage on the seven seas while having fun with friends and family or you wish to spend some quality time with the one you love on the most secluded spot in the neighborhood lake, we have got you covered.  Just bring your dream to life with any one of these amazingly cool boats today and live life to the fullest in luxury and style.

Just bring your dream to life with any one of these amazingly cool boats today and live life to the fullest in luxury and style.

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