Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine

This Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine is just what you need when you don’t have the means for buying a standard washing machine.

Drumi is small, efficient and saves you money on your electricity and water bills. Now, when you need just one piece of clothes washed you will not have to sacrifice 50 liters of water and 500 watts of power for one cycle.

You can take this washing machine with you for a longer camping trip. Nobody wants to smell or rely on a few clothes that can easily get dirty. 

Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine

You can also make this portable washing machine a permanent resident of your RV or mobile home.

Or just take it with you when packing for an out of town weekend. Drumi’s portability makes it extremely easy to have a batch of freshly washed clothes wherever you go.

Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine

It’s small size and energy and water efficiency makes it especially valuable for students.

Whether you need to keep a close eye on your budget or are living in a tiny apartment, Drumi will suit both. Even those who are long past that stage of life will appreciate the lack of frequent trips to the laundromat.

Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine

Drumi is extremely easy to use. All you need is detergent, a small amount of water and bouncy feet.

Just load the washing machine with the clothes you need to be washed (drum capacity is 5lbs/2.25kg), add water and detergent, close the lid and pump. 

Foot-Powered Portable Washing Machine

All that is left is to put on some music to help your feet keep the pace of pumping. But don’t worry, Drumi’s cycle normally takes 5-10 minutes. Plus, you can even join doing laundry with your daily workout.

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