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Shhh The Game is on Socks

The game is on socks provide a welcome reprieve for men worldwide. They are a fun addition to every closet and an awesome gift idea. They capitalize on the masculine personality and succeed in making him happy.

One sock bears the humorous text while the other has a remote control. It impresses on these basic needs that define an ideal day on the couch.

The pair lets you watch your game in silence without having to utter a word. It insists that you put your feet up and have a blast. 

Shhh The Game is on Socks

The material quality and design combine to make these irresistible. They wick away moisture keeping feet dry all day long. The ink is well pressed to ensure it lasts through their lifetime. The neutral color choice makes them ideal for every wearer and occasion. 

Shhh The Game is on Socks

These cute and fun socks unleash you inner kid in style. Get them for yourself or as a fun gift for someone dear. They will spread good cheer for a while to come. 

See also the funny pizza please and taco socks in images above.

Shhh The Game is on Socks

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