Giant Beach Ball

This 9-foot-tall Giant Beach Ball from Vat19 completely redefines what playing with an inflatable ball outdoors is like. Nowadays, it’s pretty customary to take an inflatable beach ball with you when you’re planning a summer getaway. But you probably do not expect someone to turn up to the beach hauling this monstrosity of a ball.

When deflated this ball is 12 feet long. Moreover, it weighs around 16 pounds in that state. Fortunately, with this giant beach ball, you get an air pump that will take care of inflating it for you.

What you do with this giant beach ball is completely up to you but due to its size, your possibilities are endless. 

Giant Beach Ball

You can engage into classic volleyball match, which might lose its rapid pacing but it will in no way affect the fun you’ll have trying to navigate this giant ball.

Giant Beach Ball

You can jump onto it, engage your friends into human bowling match and come up with any combination of silly games you can imagine. 

Go big or go home. Yeah, go big and scare people pantless with this fun giant monstrosity. 

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