Human Slingshot

Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s a Human Slingshot. Not the one that allows you to shoot with humans instead of pebbles, but close enough. It’s an amazing item, that will be a cool group game to play with your buddies outside.

The slingshot works in a simple way – with four people playing, it uses the momentum gained from two people running toward each other and into the walls to catapult the other two across opposite walls.

It might sound complicated, scary or silly, but it’s actually extremely simple, fun and engaging, and will probably leave you gasping for air from all the laughing you’d been doing.

The slingshot itself is made out of an elastic and durable material, that will guarantee you the perfect amount of force to fling each other across the slingshot. But just to avoid any actual unplanned catapulting outside the band, just watch the video instructions and you’ll be all set.  

Human Slingshot

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