Ice Genie™

When the weather is hot and the drinks are warm, Ice Genie™ is the best way to change at least one of those things.

It won’t bring in a cool breeze instead of the blazing sun. But it will provide you with up to 120 odorless fresh ice cubes.

Ice Genie™ is a space-saving alternative to ice cube trays.

With a capacity of up to 120 ice cubes and a small size, it will definitely help you free up the freezer while cooling a lot of drinks to come. 

Ice Genie™

The secret behind this ice cube maker lies in its two-part design. The flexible BPS-free outer walls serve as ice cube molds.

The inner cylinder holds the water lined along the outer chamber while it freezes and later serves as storage for the already made ice cubes. You can make multiple batches of ice and keep them in one handy container.

Ice Genie™

No one likes their drink ruined by ice cubes that have absorbed the smells from the freezer. This is why Ice Genie™ has an airtight lid that keeps the ice fresh and odor-free.

The best part is, this ice cube maker can double as a bottle holder that will chill your drink to a perfect temperature. You can also use it to hold an ice cream pint to prevent it from turning into a melted mess too quickly. No ordinary ice tray can do that. 

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