Indestructible Hoodie

This Indestructible Hoodie was designed to last a 100 years.

This hoodie is made of aramid fibers spun into a soft but durable blend. That’s the stuff you can find in spacesuits or body armor which alone gives you a hint at how strong it is. One hoodie is manufactured over the course of 28 weeks to be able to last for a hundred years.

What’s even more impressive is seeing this hoodie in action. Over the course of 24 hours, it’s creators dragged it through mud, rocks, and rivers on the back of a car and a motorboat.

It was then dried using a blow torch. How did the hoodie do? Spectacular, no indication of what it went through. 

Indestructible Hoodie


Still, at the end of the day, it looks and feels like a hoodie. Comfortable and suitable for every occasion – from going grocery shopping to camping to conquering uncharted territories.

Indestructible Hoodie

So if you’re not big on trends and just want a hoodie that will be your lifetime partner in crime, this is it.

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