Just Do It Later T-Shirt

The Just Do It Later T-Shirt is an ironic piece of apparel that perfectly sums up the thoughts of every procrastinator.

We all know this feeling right? You feel motivated to do more with your life, to finally sort yourself out and start an era of the new you – hard-working, responsible and thinking about the future.

But when the time comes to put these plans into reality, you simply want to put everything off and just live your life, If you know this feeling you can easily relate to the message of this funny T-shirt. It’s a play on Nike’s “Just do it!” slogan with the beautiful word “later” added at the end. 

This T-shirt is perfect if you want to be seen as a funny person and you are laid back enough to admit to being a bit childish and a procrastinator of course. If you are a hipster, you can wear it too. Just don’t forget to mention that you’re doing it ironically.

Just Do It Later T-Shirt

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