25 Unique Levitating Gifts You Can Buy

Levitating gifts are a beautiful way to show you care with the timeless and spectacular effect of levitation which is sure to impress. It is a unique gift idea for your loved ones on any occasion. A single novelty levitating floating decor will make them speechless and happy besides being the center of attention at any party or gathering. In addition, levitating gifts are a great way to add a touch of magic to your home. Each levitating gift comes with super strong magnets and an adhesive base, creating a magical effect which is safe for any home decoration.

Whether you want to give someone special or simply reward yourself, levitating gifts are sure a great choice to bring smile and happiness. Therefore, we have prepared the best levitating gifts which will amaze you. From charming levitating decorations and a wonderful object with magnets to cool levitating gadgets for your desk items, you will find the best one here. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

1. Xaar Base Levitation

Xaar Base Levitation

The charming base levitation is exactly the lamp you need to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your room. Especially if you are looking for beautiful levitating gifts which also can be a decoration, then the unique floating prism lamp is the best choice. It has a beautiful light which is ideal for meditation. Regardless of whether you are on the light or dark side, you will find happiness within.

2. Blue Money Levitating Stack

Blue Money Levitating Stack

Surprise your friends who love money with piles of money! They may not be impressed by the amount of money, instead the floating money. You don’t have to worry about its durability as it is finished with a vinyl wrap that is high density, reflective, and protective. This is one of the perfect levitating gifts to give the room a rich feel atmosphere.

3. Levitating Crystal Bonsai

Levitating Crystal Bonsai

A beautiful object with magnets that will add green to your home, the levitating crystal bonsai will be the focal point of your living room. The feng shui crystal stones adorn the bonsai, attracting positive energy to your home. Suppose you are looking for indoor plants but don’t have time to take care of them, this is one of the best levitating gifts to bring plants in the house.

4. Levitating Bulb Decor

Levitating Bulb Decor

Your friends will surely be impressed with the advancement of technology from the levitating bulb. You can give them this wireless bulb as amazing levitating gifts they will cherish forever. With its gentle light, this little lamp may enhance the calming environment in their space. When it’s off, it just serves as an intriguing room decor and gives their space a slight touch of technology. 

5. Levitating Solar Powered Mendocino Motor

Levitating Solar Powered Mendocino Motor

The sophisticated levitating gifts will definitely be something hard to resist. This is and is a replica of a solar magnetic levitation motor which is ideal for your techy office room. It is built of two solar silicon wafers, copper coils, pins, neodymium iron boron magnets, and acrylic brackets which  may be turned around in the dim light of a source. What a cool levitating gadget!

6. Floating Hand Model

Floating Hand Model

If your friends are art lovers, then they will definitely admire the beauty of the masterpiece. This is the one-of-a-kind levitating hand tensegrity model. It is made of 3D-printed plastic and wood and gives the appearance of floating thanks to the use of crystal-nylon fishing line. One of the best levitating presents for art enthusiasts, it securely supports up to 100 gram weight on top.

7. Perpetual Motion Desktop Toy

Perpetual Motion Desktop Toy

Make your desk look fun and entertaining with the amazing perpetual motion toy. Unlike the regular desk ornament, the toy features a kinetic art engine motion from magnets. It takes sophisticated engineering and design to make the ball loop forever. It will be one of the best levitating gifts to delight your guests and leave them scratching their heads.

8. Wood Floating Pot Flower

Wood Floating Pot Flower

Let your friends enjoy indoor gardening with a little bit of magic from magnetic decorations. One of the most well-known novelty levitating gifts around the world is the plant pot, which enables you to cultivate your preferred plants above ground and elsewhere. It makes sure that the planets rotate and ripen in an orderly pattern, allowing the plant to receive all of the available sunlight and air.

9. Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

Wish your moon lovers a great night’s sleep with their favorite levitating gifts. The levitating moon lamp creates a fantastic night vibe, as if they sleep close to the moon. It will be one of the coolest levitating gadgets in your bedroom and office because it allows them to bring the moon indoors. Your friends will surely be happy receiving the gift. 

10. Levitating Bismuth in Pyramid

Levitating Bismuth in Pyramid

For those who love vintage and old decoration, the beautiful pyramid will be the best levitating gifts to adorn their house. The floating bismuth is the center of attraction of the pyramid. The vintage object with magnets makes the bismuth crystal float, touching nothing but air. The base holds up a unique set of magnets, stabilizing the bismuth. Moreover, it will remain that way until it is moved. 

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11. Magnetic Levitating Globe

Magnetic Levitating Globe

The magnetic globe is surely one of the most educational levitating gifts to learn geography in a fun way. One of the most cutting-edge levitating gadgets has an LED light feature that looks awesome when activated at night. The globe is equipped with a magnetic field sensor and an electromagnet. Give the globe a little spin with your finger once it is levitating, and it will begin to rotate on its own. 

12. DIY Levitating Mendocino Motor

DIY Levitating Mendocino Motor

Give your technology enthusiasts the best levitating gifts which trigger their curiosity! The DIY levitating mendocino motor allows them to explore the science behind the motor. The motor generates current through the rotation of the insulated wire coil and is powered by a solar panel positioned on the revolving shaft. It can be a fantastic science project activity for kids and adults. 

13. Mini Drone UFO Flying Toy

Mini Drone UFO Flying Toy

Let your kids play and have fun with ideal levitating gifts which are designed for their age. The UFO flying toy features appealing colors that will make them happy and excited. The toy looks better at night as it has dazzling lights. This flying UFO uses pliable ABS material to increase crash resistance. Not to mention, the motion-sensitive technology avoids obstacles before colliding with them.

14. Levitating Wand Pen

Levitating Wand Pen

A simple but memorable keepsake, the levitating wand pen is one of the best levitating gifts for any occasion. Especially if their dream was to be a Harry Potter or another wizard, this gift will bring back their childhood memories. Packed in a beautiful box that says “The Wand Chooses The Wizard”, it adds the magical feel every time they use the pen.

15. Floating Photo Frame

Floating Photo Frame

In case the basic hanging or stand photo frame is too mainstream, then why don’t you try a floating photo frame instead? This is definitely one of the most unique but useful levitating gifts you can have for home decoration. You can set the LED lamp on the photo frame with the photo you want to display on both sides. If you give the frame a little push, it will continue to revolve and display images on both sides.

16. Colorful Ferrofluid In Bottle 

Colorful Ferrofluid In Bottle

A fun and exciting toy to play, the ferrofluid in a bottle is a perfect company to kill your boredom. A magnetic field causes the fascinating liquid known as ferrofluid to respond in amazing ways, making one of the most exciting levitating gifts you can play. Simply put the magnet near the bottle and the magic ferrofluid liquid will make an amazing show.

17. The Impossible Floating Table

The Impossible Floating Table

Impress your guests with amazing levitating furniture in your home. High-grade walnut wood was used to make this table. The wires define the system’s spatial boundaries while the table is set up so that the bars do not contact one another. The great construction allows you to put on more than 15 kg weight. This is one of the best levitating gifts for people who love home decoration.

18. Levitating LED Flower Lamp

Levitating LED Flower Lamp

Imagine your favorite flowers preserved in the beautiful and magical floating lamp. It will surely create an amazing decoration to any room. Instead of using the boring lamp, you can put the levitating flower lamp to light up the room atmosphere. Levitating freely in 360 degrees, the lamp gently turns. This is a creative combination of magnetic levitation technology and charming eternal flowers.

19. Anti Gravity Water Drops Time Lamp

Anti Gravity Water Drops Time Lamp

Bring the magic to your office or study room with the anti gravity time lamp. Especially if you are looking for cool levitating decorations or ornaments to decorate the desk, then the beautiful lamp should be on your list. It’s a trick of the eyes.The frequency of the light’s flashing gives it the appearance that it is simply hovering. Not to mention, the lamp can also be used for an air purifier and time display.

20. Solar System Figurine Car Ornaments

Solar System Figurine Car Ornaments

Light up the car vibe with cool ornaments such as the solar system figurine. Using solar magnetic levitating principle, it creates a wonderful floating planet with rings. It has 360 degrees rotation, so you don’t need to spin manually. Made from 100% high quality ABS polymer, you can guarantee its durability. It will be one of the perfect levitating gifts for car decoration.

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21. Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Make your party memorable with good music and fantastic decorations. The levitating bluetooth speaker serves both of those aspects. It uses the most recent magnetic levitation technology to create UFO speakers that autonomously float unaided in midair. The technology makes 360 degrees rotation,so that the music spreads all over the room. 

22. Levitating 3D Skull Decor

Levitating 3D Skull Decor

Horror lovers will surely love the skull night lamp decor. The skull hanging in the air creates a singular sensory experience and brilliantly encapsulates the wonder of modern technology. It offers a wonderful visual accent to the area and revolves smoothly. Without user input, the skull night light will revolve automatically, adding a spooky atmosphere to the space.

23. Rotating Saturn Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad

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Inspired by the beauty of Saturn, the lamp creates fantastic desk items. The Saturn lamp has a 360-degree cosmic spin and cutting-edge 3D levitating technology. In addition, it also comes with a built-in wireless charger pad to support your work or study. This lamp is definitely one of the most useful levitating gifts in your office or study desk.

24. Floating Shoe Display

Floating Shoe Display

Show your best shoes with the fantastic floating shoe display. The electromagnetic levitation and float technologies were used in the construction of the floating shoe display. The magnetic levitation platform has a white LED light that, at night, may illuminate the area around you and your shoes to make them more attractive and shiny. This is a levitating gift all the shoe lovers need!

25. Floating Coffee Beans and Mug

Floating Coffee Beans and Mug

A quirky but lovely ornament, the floating coffee beans and mug is a wonderful way to decorate your boring room. The layout will remind you to savor your morning cup of coffee. The mug is made from ceramic, while Arabic genuine coffee beans are used to make the varnished cup. Moreover, the handcrafted item receives an extra touch of cuteness from the yellow pearls.

Latest Post:

How do levitating gadgets work?

A wireless base maintains specially designed things like glasses or dinner plates floating in the air using electromagnetic suspension. On the bottom of the levitating objects is a specially made magnet that is calibrated and placed with care to maintain perfect equilibrium. As long as they have a direct connection without any disturbance, the levitating gadgets will keep stable.

How long will a magnet light last?

It depends on the coil structure and the material used. A simple LED light source created by battery and magnet neodymium should last around 1-2 weeks. The magic light occurs when coils and magnets are positioned correctly and are moving in relation to one another.

What are the 2 types of levitation technology?

There are two primary types of magnet levitation technology; electromagnetic suspension (EMS) and electrodynamic suspension (EDS). EMS raises the train using the magnetic force of a magnet that is placed beneath a rail. Meanwhile, EDS pushes the train away from the rail by creating an attractive force between two magnetic fields.

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