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LockRack Lockable Roof Racks

LockRack Lockable Roof Racks eliminates the need for straps and tie-downs when traveling with kayaks, SUP, and surfboards.

You can now trade straps and ropes for secure bars and locks. LockRack is a game-changing system that can be mounted on top of your car. They help you save time while loading and unloading crafts while still keeping them securely in place.

Each bar can be unlocked and then pulled out. This gives you the opening to slide your kayak on top of the roof. 

Next, you can insert the bars back until they click and create a snug fit. Lock them in place, and you are ready to go. 

LockRack Lockable Roof Racks

The bars can be completely removed or simply turned on their side. Their rubberized surface will keep your crafts from being damaged during the load.

LockRack Lockable Roof Racks

This would be a great addition to any watercraft enthusiast’s car. Less headache and more time spent on the water sound like a good deal. 

LockRack Lockable Roof Racks

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