Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

The Magic Tap Drink Dispenser makes drinking from big cartons and bottles a walk in the park. Shove of hands, who hates pouring liquid from giant bottles?

Yes, they are heavy, easily slip out of hands, and overall are not too pleasant to deal with. This Magic Tap drink dispenser pours your drink automatically with a simple push of a button.

Whether you’d use it for dispensing drinks at a party or pouring breakfast milk into a bowl, it would definitely come in handy. 

First of all, this drink dispenser is spill-free. Both kids and elderly would benefit the most from the fact that pouring drinks from heavy bottles is a thing of a past.

Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

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All you have to do is insert is into a bottle, adjust it until it sits tightly, and push the button. The dispenser’s battery-operated motor will draw the liquid upwards and right into your glass or bowl.

Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

That’s all she wrote. The only thing you’d have to be aware of is that Magic Tap is not meant for carbonated drinks. So if you want a dose of Pepsi to be poured at a push of a button, you’d have to visit your nearest KFC, sorry.

Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

Now, if you’re the one who usually has to mop after someone spills drinks onto the floor, you’d probably want to buy Magic Tap.

Even if you’ve never spilled a drink in your life, you’d have to admit that having your own drink dispenser would be awesome.  

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