Meet Moboster: The Safest Alternative to a Dangerous Hoverboard

Are you searching for a safer alternative to a hoverboard? Look no further as the innovative Moboster is here! It is a foldable electric board that utilizes robotic technology. This new mobility platform sits on four wheels and can be controlled using Bluetooth remote control.

The designers of Moboster emphasized that this foldable four-wheeled board is not an electric skateboard and is super easy to master. You do not need to shift your body weight to control it like a conventional skateboard

The remote control will do all the maneuvering for you. It is also very balanced and minimizes the risk of you falling down. You are not required to tilt, shift or balance to steer Moboster. All you need to do is sit on top of the board.

Moboster claims to use a drive system that is often used in robots. The remote-controlled characteristics mean that you do not need to be on top of the board to move it. You can control it from a distance.

Moboster Electric Skateboard

The design of Moboster puts safety above all else. When you turn the device on, an auto brake will be applied on the dual-motor back wheels. This way, the risk of you slipping off the board will be significantly minimized. You can step in on top of the board safely with confidence.

When it comes to portability and weight, Moboster has the edge. The board has a hinge so you can fold a part of the section. There also is a safety lock to keep the board folded. It is small enough to be stored in a backpack. In addition, there is a carrying handle if you prefer to carry it yourself.

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Moboster Electric Skateboard

Furthermore, this ingenious board is created using premium materials. Carbon fiber and heat-treated aluminum are the 2 primary ingredients that make Moboster lightweight, half of a regular hoverboard. It also makes this electric board exceptionally sturdy and can lift a weight up to 330 lbs!

This modern electric mobility platform uses batteries to power the dual 1600 watt motors. The electricity storage utilizes Tesla grade 10 AmpH Lithium-ion NCM batteries. There is a USB port on the side of the Moboster that can be used to charge your phone. It doubles as a power bank!

Moboster Electric Skateboard

You can go as far as 11.2 miles with a top speed of 10 mph for one charge. The designers intentionally limit the torque to mitigate accidents. Moreover, Moboster can go up to a 30% inclination angle. You can climb a small hill with ease.

If you want to upgrade your Moboster, this electric board has various sockets for additional accessories. You can plug a handle, like a scooter, for extra stability. You can also put “follow-me” sensors, GPS tracking, Lidar, and many more.

Moboster will be an attractive transportation alternative for people who need to commute a short or medium distance. It is safe, eco-friendly, and fun!

Moboster Electric Skateboard
Moboster Electric Skateboard

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