Meet the Eco-friendly LionCooler Pro: Best Portable Mini Freezer Powered by the Sun!

For outdoors enthusiasts, having a fridge that can be taken anywhere would be a dream come true! You’d be able to store consumables for an extended period and cold beverages on the go. For these reasons, the portable freezer ‘LionCooler Pro’ is ready to meet your expectations with its intelligent design.

You will be able to bring LionCooler Pro on your journeys. Thanks to the battery and solar power panels, this incredible freeze can be plugged out of the grid. It will keep your foods and drinks inside chilled.

.A regular cooler box only relies on ice cubes and its insulation to keep the temperature temporarily low. Your ice will eventually melt in a few hours. With LionCooler Pro, you can keep your beverages and food stay cold indefinitely without ice cubes.

The innovative LionCooler Pro can effortlessly supply you with cold drinks while on the road. The Lithium-ion battery of this portable freeze has an enormous capacity that will last up to 12-hours. Combined with the DC compressor, the cooling capabilities of this fridge will remain reliable even in extreme conditions.

LionCooler Pro

Even though LionCooler Pro is small, this fridge comes with a powerful DC compress. It can bring the temperature down up to -20C. It means that you can freeze anything you want with this device.

You can adjust the temperature easily from the integrated LCD display. The controller is also compatible with your phone. Using Bluetooth, you can tune the cooling mode conveniently.

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LionCooler Pro

If you have two batteries, you can use LionCooler Pro for 24 hours. The battery can be swapped easily. In addition, you can also use the battery as a power bank if you take it out of the fridge!

LionCooler Pro
LionCooler Pro

LionCooler Pro offers versatile charging methods. You can use eco-friendly solar panels to refill the electricity. This way, you can have complete mobility without depending on a power outlet when you are out in the environment.

When driving, LionCooler Pro is compatible with your car’s power source. You can connect this fridge to a 12/24V DC adapter and have a cold drink or fresh food even while moving in the car. While you are at home, you can plug LionCooler Pro into the regular power outlet and use it as a normal mini-fridge.

LionCooler Pro

On top of that, the LionCooler Pro portable freezer is a durable piece of equipment. It is meant to be taken outside. You can pull this smart cooler box passing through rugged areas. The all-terrain wheels allow this fridge to be transported with ease.

The LionCooler Pro project has attracted more than 250 backers at Kickstarter. It also has raised over $180,000! It goes to show that the demand for a fully portable cooler fridge is through the roof.

LionCooler Pro

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