Palm Beach Motorized Pool Lounger

As much as they are comfortable, pool loungers are not easy to steer in water.

Unless you bring a paddle. Or get yourself this Palm Beach Motorized Pool Lounger.

This inflatable lounger comes with a caged electric motor that gives 1 hour of run time on full charge.

So now you can jauntily cruise the swimming pool at 2mph to find the best spot to relax in. The lounger also has a cupholder and a cooler for storing some refreshments. 

Palm Beach Motorized Pool Lounger

The heavy-duty PVC float can hold up to 250 lbs of weight afloat. Set it up in just a couple of minutes and let it carry you from one corner of the pool to another. It is meant for indoor use or calm waters only.

So kick back, relax, dip your feet into the water through a footrest opening. No need to get wet if you want to quickly grab some drinks or say hello to someone. Just let this pool lounger carry you to your destination. 

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