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Motorized Smart Luggage

Be a complete boss and roll to the airport check-in on this Motorized Smart Luggage. You can ride this carry-on suitcase around and let your tired feet rest for a while.

With can come up with plenty of reasons why being carried by a motorized suitcase can be helpful and beneficial. Tired feet, fatigue, aching back, and so on. But let’s be honest. It just looks incredibly fun.

If kids can ride their carry-on suitcases, why not give adults a chance to do the same. This suitcase with 2000 cubic inches (33 l) of packing space can carry up to 260 lbs (118 kg) on its back.

On a full 1-hour charge, you get a 6-mile range and an 8 mph traveling speed. Definitely enough to make a few quick laps around the terminal while you’re waiting for boarding. 

Motorized Smart Luggage

With an extendable handle, you can always go back to basics and pull the carry-on behind you. But if you’re aching for more high-tech features, it’s got you covered.

It has dual USB charging ports you can use at any time. Also, you can order an optional GPRS-GSM tracking.

Motorized Smart Luggage

The telescoping handlebar, custom brakes, cushioned seat, and foldable footpegs ensure stability and comfort throughout the ride.

Be free, have fun, and ride your carry-on whenever you feel like it. 

Motorized Smart Luggage

Motorized Smart Luggage

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