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Pocket-Sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget

This pocket-sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget can translate and transcribe 12 languages allowing you to freely communicate in 90% of countries on the planet.

More than that, One Mini gives you multiple options for communicating.

You can record speech and have it translated and transcribed in real time on your smartphone.

You can engage in simple conversations on the street using the live AI translator. Just lift the gadget close to the speaker and have it translate what is being said to you. 

Pocket-Sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget

It also works the other way around – speak into the One Mini and have it translate it to your conversation partner.

Pocket-Sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget

For longer and more complex conversations (like in business meetings) you can connect to an actual live interpreter. All you need is to have access to the internet.

Pocket-Sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget

One of our favorite options is that One Mini can translate writings and text on images you’ve taken. So if you don’t know what shop to go into or what product you’re holding in hand, this gadget will clear up things for you.

Pocket-Sized Multilingual Assistant Gadget

That’s not all One Mini has to offer, but it already wants us to pack our bags and book a flight for an exciting vacation abroad.

Multilingual Assistant Gadget

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