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Converse Chuck 70 Gore-Tex

Add some prep to your step with the Converse Chuck 70 Gore-Tex.

On this pair of shoes, Carhatt Wip adds function to the flair of Converse Chuck All-Stars for an amazing effect.

As any ardent fan of All-Stars will tell you, there are no sneakers quite as iconic as they are.

But their functional appeal usually suffers a bow anytime the weather takes a turn for the worse. This has to do with the fact that canvas and rubber are the main material.

Converse Chuck 70 Gore-Tex

With this in mind, the two companies paired up to make use of the water-resistant Gore-Tex version.

They retain the silhouette we know and love from the favorite classics. But on the inside, they feature the waterproof membrane.

Converse Chuck 70 Gore-Tex

To add to their aesthetics, they sport unique footbeds with dual branding and reflective tape.

Converse Chuck 70 Gore-Tex

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