Muse Brain Sensing Meditation Headband

The Muse Brain Sensing Meditation Headband allows you to meditate more easily and efficiently by providing you with a bit of insight into what is happening with your brain.

This headband is something you’d expect to see in sci-fi movies and novels, not real life. It measures brain signals, just like a heart rate monitor would measure your heart rate, In the context of meditation, this device is extremely helpful in focusing on meditating only without your mind wandering somewhere else.

How does it work? Well, it comes with a helpful app that will help you train your brain. All you have to do is put the headband on, calibrate it with the help of the app and start meditating while listening to what the app (or rather, your brain) is telling you. 

Since the headband gives you real-time feedback on how your brain is doing, it makes focusing on meditation much easier.

The feedback is provided through the set of weather sounds. It means that you might be listening to the sound of steady and calm wind, but when your mind starts wandering the wind will pick up. This will prompt you to focus on the process once again.

The technology behind this device is so cool, you’re already thinking about starting meditating, aren’t you? Yeah, ditto. 

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