Nailed-It Desk Organizer

The Nailed-It Desk Organizer is definitely one of the most original desk accessories that will add some charm to your workspace.

The older we get, the less fun our desks are, right? We sit at them for long hours working and sometimes just get sick of them, as they are not the most pleasant environment.

To fight these negative feelings we try to personalize our desks, make them more fun. But then we risk clattering them which is neither pretty nor good for business. 

Nailed-It Desk Organizer

This organizer, on the other hand, combines utility with a great, pleasant design. Let me walk you through it.

The organizer has a place for your stationary, business cards some nails and of course a massive hammer on spring for you to play with. It is handmade from salvaged, recycled tools which makes it good for the environment and more personal, unique and vintage.

So forget about your boring plastic organizers that are the same on every desk in the office. Bring some fun and originality to your desk which might just make your day a little bit brighter.

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