BottleKeeper X

Have you ever found yourself holding a lukewarm beer, wishing it was as chilled as when you first picked it up? Fret not! Meet the BottleKeeper X! Just put your bottled beer inside the keeper. It will keep your precious beer cold for up to 6 whole hours! This handy gadget also features a quick access cap, no more fumbling around a tightly sealed beer bottle. There’s also a bottle opener built right into the tethered cap. The universe wants you to drink more beer!

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So, I just used the BottleKeeper X, and let me tell you, it’s like my beer’s personal bodyguard! 

Imagine a hot summer day: you’re dying for a cold beer. But alas, the heat seems to suck the chill from your drink within minutes. Well, worry no more! This bad boy keeps your beer as cold as your ex’s heart for up to 6 hours! Everything is thanks to its double-walled and vacuum-insulated design.

Keep your brew chill!

Just put your bottled beer inside it, as easy as that! The BottleKeeper X fits snugly around standard-shaped beer bottles, like Corona, Bud, and Stone. Here is a tip! Even though, it’s best to start with a chilled bottle before you put it inside the BottleKeeper X. Trust me, the colder your beer, the better.

The designer also really thought of everything: a built-in bottle opener, so your cold one is never out of reach. 

beers stay cool!

No more worrying about dropping my precious brews, too. The padded base saved my beer from the dreaded impact. Do you boat? Turns out, this gem will be handy for boating, too – no more shattered glass on the deck! 

The cap seals my bottle, protecting the beer from getting too warm or too cold, grass, and any other intruders. My favorite brew will stay fresh!

Cool down with a beer

With the BottleKeeper X, style meets substance – Aqua Blue, double insulation and all. Its lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee truly make it a risk-free investment. Also, think of all the laughs you’ll get cracking jokes with this bad boy in hand. Go ahead and treat yourself to the ultimate beer-keeping experience!

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