Cat Laser Toy

Your indoor cat will undoubtedly appreciate this entertaining and interactive little gadget! Meet MayMaw Bubble Cat Laser Toy! It’ll be a fantastic addition to your feline friend’s daily routine. This cute tumbler-shaped bubble tea cat toy is perfect for pet parents away from home. It is a clever, innovative toy that caters to your pet’s instincts and provides hours of entertainment!

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Do you know what’s better than bubble tea? The MayMaw Bubble Cat Laser Toy! This cute little gadget will ensure your furry friend doesn’t feel lonesome while you’re away. With its automatic play feature, your cat will have a “bubble tea” time all by itself.

This toy’s got a “straw” that moves 360° with an irregular rotating design, providing a variety of speed modes to accommodate your cat’s hunting habits. 

Cat Laser Toy
playtime with health benefits

Plus, it’s got a “sleep” function that activates after 8 minutes. But worry not – a gentle touch from your cat will bring it to life again! With just a 1-hour charge time, this toy can entertain your cat for a solid 5 hours.

Its tumbler design is adorable, resembling a cup of bubble tea that always comes back to its original shape. No matter how roughly your cat plays with it, this gadget will be there for your cat!

Cat Laser Toy
endless fun and excitement

Want to reward your cat for playing? Put their favorite treats or catnip in the foraging hole to promote instincts and help alleviate their boredom. Thanks to its high-quality ABS material, this cat toy can withstand some serious claw action from your feline friend.

Some things to note, though: don’t expect a long charger cord – it’s only about two feet. However, the laser works just fine! So, if you’re ready to treat your beloved cat to endless fun, give the MayMaw Bubble Cat Laser Toy a try. Trust me, it’s the cat’s meow!

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