Arthur Egg Cup Holder

Start your day with a royal touch using Arthur, the knightly egg cup holder! This brave little guardian turns every breakfast into a noble feast, holding your egg with honor and a hint of humor. Whether you’re a damsel in distress over dull mornings or a squire in search of a quirky kitchen gadget, Arthur is here to save the day. So, enlist this chivalrous egg defender and make your breakfast table the round table of fun! 

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Every morning, I’m greeted by a gallant little knight, ready to serve my breakfast egg with a side of whimsy. Meet Arthur, not just any egg cup holder, but my very own egg in shining armor.

This cute knight has transformed my mundane breakfast routine into a delightful adventure. Arthur isn’t just about good looks; he’s practical too. I pop my hard-boiled egg into his sturdy plastic frame, grab the matching spoon, and voilà; breakfast is served with a touch of medieval flair.

It’s like having a tiny round table in my kitchen, minus the sword fights and jousting. But Arthur’s talents extend beyond my breakfast table.

Egg Cup Holder
Egg Cup Holder

He’s become my go-to gift for just about every occasion. Easter baskets? Check. Birthdays? Absolutely. Housewarming parties? You bet. Everyone, from kids to adults, falls for his quirky charm. He’s like the little knight that could, winning hearts one breakfast at a time.

Durability is another of Arthur’s virtues. Made of hard plastic, he’s not just a pretty face; he’s built to last. His compact size, 2.1″ x 2.3″ x 4.9″, means he fits just about anywhere, standing guard and ready for egg-serving duty.

So, if your breakfast is feeling a bit bland, or you’re on the hunt for a gift that’s sure to bring a smile, Arthur is your knight.

Bring this charming egg cup holder into your home, and let the breakfast jousting begin!

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