Compact Hand Mirror

The Raider R25 Hand Mirror is an elegant safety solution for veteran and casual riders alike! Just strap it on the back of your hand, and you will instantly get that extra situational awareness. The velcro is super adjustable and the mirror is crystal clear. It works seamlessly and will not hinder your hand movement. Riders of vehicles that do not feature rearview mirrors will need one of these. This accessory will allow you to ride safely in style!

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Sometimes, a vehicle like a bicycle, snowmobile, or an ATV doesn’t have rearview mirrors. And as a safety-conscious person, riding without such safety equipment always makes me super nervous. But now, with the Raider R25 Hand Mirror, I can ride without worry!

This hand mirror can provide me with a rearview without hassle. I only need to strap it on the back of my hand. And instantly, I will have a mirror covering my backside! I just need to look down on it, without losing my grip on the handlebar, to see what’s behind me.

Hand Mirror
Catch Your Best Angle

I find that the Raider hand mirror is very simple to adjust. It features a strong velcro strap that I can put on and off without hassle. I can also tighten it up to eliminate vibration for a non-blurry reflection. The mirror lens is convex, giving that ultrawide effect for larger image coverage. It is super clear, so you get the best rearview possible.

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For optimum usability, I recommend that you wear the hand mirror on your non-throttle hand. That way, you can always have the best rearview coverage. However, it works on both hands regardless.

Hand Mirror
Pocket-Sized Confidence Booster

And for bikers who already have rearview mirrors, the Raider 25 can provide you with extra situational awareness. It can never hurt to have additional safety equipment to cover unexpected blind spots!

I have always appreciated safety equipment like the hand mirror.  Safety equipments are often too bulky and not comfortable. But, this is not the case with the R25 Raider hand mirror. It has a sleek design that looks awesome on my hand. I can ride safely while also keeping up with my style!

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