Jellyfish Lava Lamp

Are you looking to add a little something extra to your room that won’t sting your wallet? Check out this LinHongFu Jellyfish Lava Lamp! The lifelike jellyfish swims around in a mesmerizing dance that catches the eye. Accompanied by seven changing colors and two lighting modes, this lava lamp is sure to be a conversation starter. You can easily control the movement of the jellyfish to your preference using the controller!

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I love sitting down and staring at my delightful LinHongFu Jellyfish Lava Lamp. I couldn’t help but wonder if there is anything more entertaining than watching little jellyfish float around in a lamp! 

With its 7 color-changing LED lights, I swear it is like having a mini aquarium on my desk. Watching the captivating colors and the slow, hypnotic movements of the jellyfish melts away my stress.

Jellyfish Lava Lamp
A sea of calm on your desk!

The lamp’s 4 water speed settings allow me to enjoy a faster pace of jellyfish swim race or a more chilled out and weightless glide. Whether you want them zipping around like they’re on a caffeine rush or floating gracefully, the choice is yours. One thing that impresses me is the ultra-quiet motor, ensuring I don’t get bothered by unnecessary noise.

Setting up the lamp is easy, thanks to the silicone integral molding seal design. No water gets spilled when I accidentally stumbled on it. I love the stylish and sleek design, too. It effortlessly brings a sense of tranquility to my bedroom in my house.

Jellyfish Lava Lamp
Underwater fireworks!

Now, remember to add a few drops of detergent to keep those jellyfish swimming just right! Do that, and you’ve got a fantastic stress reliever that adds a touch of underwater magic to any space.

Filling the tank with water before use and adding those 5-8 drops of detergent was smoother than a jellyfish itself. A gentle stir with the stainless rod was all it took to send my new pets swimming gracefully around their new home. 

Jellyfish Lava Lamp
relaxation corner

My friends still argue whether these jellyfish are real or not!

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